Role: Director/DP/Edit/Grade

Gear: Red Scarlet, Red Pro lenses for glass blowing, Zeiss MK 1 Standard Speeds for home interiors

Software: Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve, After Effects

The Sandy Montgomery Award

The initial concept for the Sandy Award was a visual goldmine with a challenge. How do you personalize the forging of a piece of art? Make it feel real, human?

The answer came from some recent stellar work (here and here) that made use of multiple, interweaving storylines. So this video told two stories at once: the story of the forging the sales award and the story of someone building their home-based business to earn it — culminating with its arrival as a treasured item to honor the passing of the award’s namesake.

By shooting both storylines in a similar, cinematic style (high frame rate, upstage lighting, hiding faces/key elements), the video forced the audience to piece together the story in their imaginations, yet led them to an obvious conclusion: they need to grow their businesses to earn the award and honor the company’s founder.

Hearing Sandy Montgomery’s voice while seeing the talent, who resembled a younger version of Sandy, was a happy accident.

The color palette for the production design and grade came naturally. With so many so many oranges in the flames and forges and blue and teal being Reliv’s corporate colors, the standard orange-and-teal look worked excellently.

Using vintage Zeiss standard speed lenses for the home interiors, sharper Red Pros for the glass blowing scenes and 5K lights also contributed to a well-received finished piece.