Role: DP, editor, colorist, motion design

Gear: Two Canon 5d mkiiis running Magic Lantern, Canon still lenses

Software: Premiere Pro, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve

Location: Reliv manufacturing warehouse

Result: Top video on YouTube and within two months

Nutrition You Can Trust

“Nutrition You Can Trust” was the culmination of years of planning. I had long stressed to Reliv that it needed stock-type shots of scientists in the lab, people consuming Reliv products, etc. After investing in those, Reliv had the assets it needed for a project like this.

Those shots provided the foundation for the video by showing the science involved in product development and the payoff: the health benefits they offer.

Three additional shoots for this project included:

Capturing the line in action: Always fun to show how things are made. We staged products along the manufacturing line and lit them in teal and blue, the company’s main corporate colors.

Filming key employees: It was fun to 1) select many of the longest-tenured employees, 2) use them as the “face” for each of the six quality control steps that Reliv prides itself in, and then 3) film them where they actually work.

The main interview shot: It formed the narrative backbone of the piece and was a fun challenge. For that scene, it took almost 8,000 watts to light a large manufacturing area and forklift from multiple angles.

LunaRich X Encapsulation Line

Based on the success of the Nutrition You Can Trust video, I made a shorter video in a similar style to announce the newest addition to the company’s manufacturing portfolio: a huge machine to produce and bottle capsules.

This was my first video shot in 4K and I tried to use the steps along the manufacturing line to serve as a sort of visual timeline for this particular product’s history and sales growth.