Don’t Just Live. Reliv.


The Don’t Just Live. Reliv. video is the largest commercial project I have written, directed, shot and entirely post-produced.

For years, Reliv needed a signature video to introduce new people to the company. But trying to wrap all the company does — from its 16 international markets, to dozens of products, individual business opportunity, conferences, etc. — was a challenge to keep short, immersive and relevant to audiences around the world.

When Reliv finally landed on the idea of condensing 3-5 years of a normal couple’s life into several minutes, the framework of a strong piece was in place.

From there, it took a lot of thought, eight scripts, extensive location scouting, pre-shoots, storyboards, animatics and planning to pull everything off with limited time, budget, gear and crew.


The shoot was 3 1/2 days around downtown and suburban St. Louis with a crew of five. We shot on the Red Scarlet Dragon with Red and Zeiss cinema lenses because we knew we needed the higher frame rates and cinematic look.

Using the Movi and a Phantom drone at high speeds in a local state park was an exciting challenge as was shooting at the top of tall buildings and in a green screen studio for the conference scene.

Post production

Given the extensive pre-production, the story edited together quickly, but there were dozens of small and large effects shots: from screen replacements to an extensive 3D build for the conference wide shot.

Grading so many varied scenes with different moods, lighting and purposes was a challenge, but the use of film LUTS and effort to preserve vibrant skin tones helped pull everything together.

Motion graphics served the important role of advancing time, providing context to the shots (since there was no dialogue) and reinforcing the idea that achieving health and financial success through Reliv happens all the time and around the world.