Reliv Travel Promo: New York City


Recently, I had the chance to travel to New York city to film a promotional piece about earning sales incentive trips for top sales leaders in Reliv’s European market. See the embedded video above.

Since Europe is a little more sophisticated visually, I decided to go a darker route with the video and was inspired by the two videos below. It was fun to deliberately set several creative parameters for the shoot: no wide shots, all tight closeups, handheld at high frame rates, everything 1-2 stops underexposed and mostly at night.

I figured everyone has seen wide shots of NYC and big cities so I wanted to find more creative ways to showcase the destination: the flicker of video billboards in someone’s eyes, a taxi reflected in a puddle, etc. Things that said New York without spoon feeding the audience.

The piece was shot primarily on the just-released Canon c300 Mkii and a 50mm 1.4 lens, both of which performed phenomenally for the most part. Time lapses were done on the 5d Mkiii. Some of the shots were lit with nothing but tea candles because that’s all I had in a run-n-gun scenario filming people on their vacations.




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